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"We have used the Vision InfoSoft EBM product since 1997 and have had much success. We have grown over 1,500% since 1997 and your product has assisted us with that growth. During that time it has allowed us to estimate more projects and also increased our profit margins. The ease of use out of the box is a great asset. "

Electrical Bid Manager™
Electrical Estimating Software

Since 1993, over 9,000 electrical contracting firms have chosen Electrical Bid Manager for their electrical estimating software needs. We have electrical estimators with just a few employees and other companies using out electrical estimating software with thousands
of employees. Electrical Bid Manager electrical estimating software is capable of estimating electrical jobs of any size, even into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Vision also offers electrical estimating software add-ons, training, and support. Electrical estimators looking for electrical estimating software for their estimating team need to take a look at Vision's electrical estimating and bidding software before making a decision.


Comparison ChartElectrical Estimating Software


Perfect for electrical contractors that are just getting started with electrical estimating software. Easy to learn and use.

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Built on a new SQL estimating software platform. Estimating power, ease of use and flexibility.

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The #1 electrical estimating software choice for small, medium and large electrical contractor companies. Many "Pro-Only" features. Built on a SQL database engine.

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Electrical Estimating Software Add-ons

Job Cost
QuickBooks® Link

Increase Profits! Find out how much money you are making on each job. Save time by eliminating hours of double data entry. Maximizes the investment you have made with QuickBooks®.

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Keep the material pricing updated in your Electrical Bid Manager software. Price updates save you money, a very inexpensive insurance policy against uncontrollable price increases. Also updates other electrical estimating software.

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Add thousands of new specialty material items to your Electrical Bid Manager electrical estimating software database, including labor! VDV, Fire Alarm, Explosion Proof, High Voltage, and Demolition are available.

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Plan (ESP)

Always keep your electrical estimating software up to date. Includes unlimited toll-free technical support with our highly qualified technical representatives. Includes several new electrical estimating software version updates each year and discounts on additional software licenses.

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Planwheel Pc

The PlanWheel is a digital device for measuring distances on maps, charts, blueprints and other drawings.

Electrical Estimating Software News

  • Software Update: Electrical Bid Manager v10…

    In June 2016, we released an update for our electrical estimating software that added a new takeoff module called Quick Branch. This new takeoff module in Electrical Bid Manager™ eliminates a takeoff step and is a real time saver.

    All Electrical Bid Manager customers that are current on the Extended Service Plan received this update.

    Added Features - Build 06.21.16

    • QuickBranch Takeoff - Allows quick selection and takeoff of device assemblies combined with conduit/wire, or cable runs of any length from your Saved Assemblies in Branch Circuits and Cable modules. View a video of this new feature.
    • New MC Luminary Cable - Lighting and low voltage circuits in one cable. Pricing updated with EPIC Pricing.
    • New program "Themes" gives EBM a new look! Find this setting in Program Settings screen on the Appearance tab.
    • Ability to take off empty conduit with pull line in one step with conduit take-off in Site and Feeders.
    • New database items and updated item UPCs and descriptions.
    • Various modifications to PlanSwift integration for improved functionality.
    • Clear button to remove unwanted items from the Import Spreadsheet. (PlanSwift link only)

    Fixed Features - Build 06.21.16

    • Advanced Substitution bugs; Converting to Cable would use the incorrect Saved Assembly. After converting to Cable, the resultant entries in the audit trail could not be edited.
    • Digitizing item on a different page would return to the spreadsheet instead of item takeoff (PlanSwift link only).
    • Feeders and Site From/To taken off from OST not showing in audit trail.
    • "Edit to Source" Custom Assemblies not recalling "Additional Items".

    You can learn more about the latest additions to Electrical Bid Manager by viewing the Changelog here.

    View Electrical Bid Manager Changelog


    Feature Highlight: Quick Branch Takeoff

    We added the Quick Branch takeoff module after looking for ways to improve how our users create bids in Electrical Bid Manager. This new electrical takeoff module cuts out steps that are repeated multiple times during a bid.


    The post Software Update: Electrical Bid Manager v10 Build 06.21.16 Released! appeared first on Vision InfoSoft.

    6/28/2016 4:39pm
  • Electrical Estimator Spotlight: WSI…

    We've started a series of electrical estimator spotlights that highlight a companies that has found success with the aid of our software. It often times seems no two electrical estimators are alike. Everyone has their own unique story of how they got started, how they found us and how they have grown in success. We are confident you'll find a few electrical contractors that you identify with and will give you that "light bulb" or "Aha!" moment.

    Jubal Williamson, owner and electrical estimator at WSI Southwest, tells the story of his journey through choosing electrical estimating software and finding bidding success.

    Electrical estimator spotlight excerpt:

    "It tells you what your cost is going to be for the job before you put in your overhead or anything. On the first job, the hospital job, we were within 3 percent of our costs. Electrical Bid Manager told me that it was going to cost a certain dollar amount and we came in 3 percent under that number on that job. That accuracy gave me complete confidence in the program."
    - Jubal Williamson, electrical estimator, WSI Southwest

    Jubal spent a couple years trying to determine how to modernize their electrical estimating with software. Jubal tried a few others and then came to use once he realized what was important to him. Easy to learn, built-in change order tools and accurate pricing were a few features he liked in Electrical Bid Manager

    Read more of Jubal Williamson's experience with electrical estimating software, electrical pricing, electrical database management, electrical change orders and more.

    WSI Southwest is located in Cliff, NM

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